New Suretex

010L - Steel Oak
New Suretex 010L - Steel Oak

090M - Abstract Tile
New Suretex 090M - Abstract Tile

162M - Walnut Chevron
New Suretex 162M - Walnut Chevron

609M - Yorkshire Oak
New Suretex 609M - Yorkshire Oak

621L - Warm Oak
New Suretex 621L - Warm Oak

699D - Acacia Chevron
New Suretex 699D - Acacia Chevron

797M - Godiva Tile
New Suretex 797M - Godia Tile

900L - Larch Multiplank
New Suretex 900L - Larch Multiplank

960M - Platinum Oak
New Suretex 960M - Platinum Oak

976M - Silver Birch
New Suretex 976M - Silver Birch

994D - Natural Oak
New Suretex 994D - Natural Oak


European Classification
EN ISO 10874
23 Heavy Dommestic

FCSS-Class 23 [Omgezet]

31 General Commercial

FCSS-Class 31 [Omgezet]

Total Thickness
EN ISO 24346
2.25 mm
EN ISO 24340
0.25 mm
Total Weight
EN ISO 23997
1700 g/m²
Tex Bac


Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
EN ISO 13893
Slip Restraint
DIN 51130


Resistant to Fire
EN 13501-1


Underfloor Heating
EN 12667


Thermal Conductivity
EN 12524
0.10 W/mK


Thermal Resistance
ISO 8302
0.025 m²K/W


Resistance To Household Chemicals
ISO 26787


12 Years


The heating system should never allow to exceed a surface temperature of 27°C.
In case of electrical floor heating, we advise not to exceed 60W/m²